A fuse of creativity, integrity and divergence; ADDDED is a

multi-specialist, full-service firm catering at across all levels.

We imprint lasting impressions through creative customised strategies that equip to a clientele ranging from MNC’s, education, corporates and start-ups. The motto of our organization is diverse. In an industry built on standard templates and processes, we explore creative solutions for each client.


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ADDDED specializes in management and organizing events for various sectors. We focus on your requirement first. If your needs are to be customised and executed to deliver best results, ADDDED is the answer.


Within our exceptional programmes, students develop positive relationships and relish the opportunity to realize their individual potential to the fullest. Programmes for school is highly student-centred, engaging and inquiry-based. Through a broad range of experiences in and beyond school, we have a wide range of activities for the school.


We provide educational and opportunistic prospects to institutes from different sectors and help them achieve the objectives set, through our projects and full of experiences.


To make our client's processes simple by offering reliable and impactful services. The experience our clients get from working with us is always as important as the experience we deliver to the event's audiences. We follow the process of understanding corporate objectives and building solutions step by step from there, which helps us provide for any requirement our clients may have.


By thoroughly understanding local culture, how it operates and your long term strategic plans for individuals, we become a part of the community. Our model works best when we can become more than the “hired help” and can become development changemakers for local people.